Internet Marketing

Corporate Email Marketing

Create your corporate email marketing services or customer relation email now. Broad choice available on the market, such as sendloop, constant contact and many others, but you have to do it on your own.

We provide you the same enterprise tools with your send report dashboard, our difference is, you are not on your own, we can custom design the template for you, research the content if necessary, and blast it to your database. You ONLY  need to approve.

Social Media Campaign & Support

This is a new era and we  use social media channel to bring your brand to life. Create your community, provide quick responses and relevant information.

Our social media team will work side by side with your internal team to manage your social media activity.

Search Engine Optimization

A website without incoming traffic is useless.

We help you generate incoming traffic by putting your website on 5 first page of Google Organic Search.

Search Engine Optimization is about understanding your business, combine with our knowledge and hard work, to create a sustainable website traffic by complying with Google rules.

SEO is about process, the right path for sustainable business.

Google Ads

Adwords is not only about placing ads with Google.

The same with SEO, it is about understanding your business, setting up your goals, and generate traffic.
The essential difference between SEO and Google Ads is that Google Ads works like a quick shortcut to generate traffic.

But still, you need to do it right.  Call us for further information about Google Ads.