IT Solution

IT Consulting

We help you define your road map. Start small but correct. Our IT experts will assist you in various information technology matters.

Business process, Procurement, knowledge management, Inventory Management, etc.

Tell us what you need, we will assist you.

Security & Networking

We help you deploy your networking or security infrastructure, and assist you to protect them,  physical or digital.

Our service in this area start from networking setup, deployment and maintenance, CCTV implementation, remote monitoring,  firewall implementation and other networking services including IP telephony.

Custom Business Process Software

A Company is a unique organization. One might be different  with the other.  With it’s own unique culture, it’s own unique people. All this blend create a unique business process different from one company to another.

Not all best practice adaptable, not all 20% customization  quota slot in an enterprise solution can be implemented with out returning high cost.

Our custom Business Process approach system will adapt to your requirement and fill the gap that sometimes missing in an enterprise environment.